Masters | Year Two

If any academic year has challenged and stressed me in more ways than I can count, it's this one. When people would say phrases along the lines of: 'oh wow, a master, that sounds really hard' or 'enjoy that, it'll be a tough one (laughs)' I brushed it off. Not in an arrogant way, but… Continue reading Masters | Year Two

A trip to Bali | one to remember

  After talking about whether to book our flights or not my boyfriend Tim and I locked in a holiday to Bali for the first two weeks of June.  This trip was very much needed after a busy few months. I'd heard bits and pieces about Bali's food, people and culture from close friends so… Continue reading A trip to Bali | one to remember

Recently read | part two

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood – 5/5 "I wish this story were different. I wish it were more civilized. I wish it showed me in a better light, if not happier, then at least more active, less hesitant, less distracted by trivia. I wish it had more shape. I wish it were about love, or… Continue reading Recently read | part two

Recently read | part one

I thought now a perfect time than any to do a round-up of all the books I've read in the last six months. Don't worry though, I'm breaking it up into two posts so you won't feel too overwhelmed. How It Feels by Brendan Cowell – 2/5 Written by an Australian author How It Feels is about… Continue reading Recently read | part one

Staying productive | what’s next?

I've been struggling lately in knowing what to post on here. Do I start analysing topics I feel passionate and driven about? Or continue writing reviews and summaries on beauty, skincare and books? I'm leaning toward a happy medium. My interests vary and I want to showcase that on here. I am excited to start… Continue reading Staying productive | what’s next?

pamper night in | the simple way

Unwinding after a long day or sprucing yourself up on the weekend to feel good is always a good idea. When it comes to skincare and pampering I like keeping things simple. If you buy the right products you'll find them lasting longer and joining the cult favourites sitting comfortably on your bathroom shelf. Here… Continue reading pamper night in | the simple way

Masters | producing Tattoo

After having written an overview about the first year of my Master here, I wanted to go into more detail about the two books I worked on. The first was an anthology titled Tattoo and the second was a collection of works titled BSP Review: The Department of Noticing and Listening. This will be the… Continue reading Masters | producing Tattoo

Masters | Year One

Now is a better time than any to reflect on my past year of postgraduate study. I'm back for year two doing a Master of Writing and Publishing at RMIT University. Having now dropped to part-time I'm currently a third of the way through my course. For some context, I studied an undergraduate Arts Degree for… Continue reading Masters | Year One

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty| recently read

Big Little Lies is about a tragic event that takes place at Pirriwee Public's annual school Trivia Night. A parent is dead but it is unknown who, how or why. Set in Sydney, Australia the story looks closely at the stories of three women (Celeste, Madeline and Jane), and the big little lies they tell and keep… Continue reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty| recently read

Netflix Original: Sex Education | recently viewed

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Set as a British comedy-drama, Sex Education is the latest of Netflix's Original series. At the crux of it all is Otis, a high school student who's a little awkward and sexually inexperienced. His mum Jean just so happens to be a renowned author and sex therapist. Despite his lack of experience and confidence, he's learnt… Continue reading Netflix Original: Sex Education | recently viewed